Who we are

In 1995 I founded a small law firm primarily dedicated to civil real estate law, urban planning and construction law, which promoted and participated in the legal and commercial management of unique projects led by developers and construction companies, and management of real estate property.


After a long period of training and professional practice, predominantly consisting of enriching experiences, and almost two decades dedicated to legal and commercial consulting services, a close understanding and shared objectives led me to appoint José Juan Andújar Santos as a partner in the firm. He brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in the commercial and insolvency fields to the company and has a proven track record. The lawyer and economist Blanca Cano Martinez is also a partner in the firm, and she has developed her professional career at Graells March.

Nowadays, our re-launched law firm is characterized by its intentional small size, the high level of results it demands and its personalised nature. It enjoys full independence when we sometimes collaborate with other law, auditing and consulting firms.

In summary, our firm offers integral advice from a global perspective on business activities, equity management and financial and commercial projects, based on the principles of the character, vision, experience and training of our partners.

This provides our clients with the knowledge and certainty of being assisted by just one sole lawyer and contact person who can provide the degree of trust necessary as a coordinator. This is the hallmark that distinguishes our firm from the model of generalised large-scale law firms. 

Josep Graells March
Founding Partner

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